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Our experienced lighting engineers are at hand to undertake project specific lighting designs. All floodlighting installations which use a mast in excess of 10 metres high require full planning permission. Sports Lighting Systems can assist clubs in preparing a planning pack which will satisfy the information requirements of the local authority. Typical solutions include:

Club Level Footbal l 250Lux to 500Lux
Club Level Hurling 350Lux to 500Lux
Inter County Football/Hurling 500Lux to 750Lux
Inter County televised 750Lux to 1400Lux
Club level 250Lux to 500Lux
Premier League 500Lux to 1400Lux
Club Level 250Lux to 500Lux
Inter Provincal 500Lux to 1000Lux
Club Level 350Lux to 500Lux
National Level 500Lux to 100Lux

As part of any project Sports Lighting Systems undertake a complete site investigation to determine the type and size of foundation required to support the lighting masts. Abacus have developed an easy to follow foundation design manual for use with raise and lower mast systems and fixed mast systems. The number of masts required will depend on the design lighting level, site conditions, and club requirements, but typically a club level solution will require six columns; 3 either side, supporting between 3 and 8 floodlights each.

Each project presents different challenges with regard to power supply, cable sizing, lighting protection and generator installation. Sports Lighting Systems have the in-house design skills to design and install the electrical system required for each installation. We also have the back up of the Abacus In-house Electrical Engineers to assist us on larger projects

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