Abacus Limited manufactures a complete range of floodlights for use in small to large floodlighting projects. For the complete range please visit . Typically 2 types of floodlights are used on projects in Ireland. Abacus has designed these floodlights to provide the maximum performance in terms of lighting performance, light pollution and overspill.

Challenger 1

A double asymmetric distribution floodlight range, specially designed for lighting outdoor sports grounds, smaller sports stadiums and large open areas where light pollution control is an essential requirement.

Challenger 1 Challenger 3

Challenger 3

A symmetrical distribution floodlight range, specially designed for lighting large sports stadia using corner mast systems. Of high performance and compact design, these floodlights provide precision optical control coupled with reduced weight and windage compared to conventional stadium floodlighting

The Support Masts

Sports Lighting Systems have a complete range of height solutions from 8m to 45m. This equipment is again supplied by Abacus. Abacus have designed and patented a Raise and Lower mast system up to a maximum height of 45m, using a simple counter balance hydraulic unit.

Raising and Lowering System

Using a simple counterbalance unit, the mast can be quickly lowered to the ground level, allowing routine maintenance and lamp replacement to be carried out easily in complete safety.

This hydraulic lowering system has no awkward, unsightly foot brackets, no ladders, no winch system, no wire ropes, no pulleys, no mast head moving parts - NO HASSLE!

Fixed Masts for Large Stadia

For more complex installations such as stadia, a team of experienced structural engineers are available to design a bespoke mast to suit your exact requirements up to a maximum height of 72m. Designs can incorporate either internal or external access via an internal or external ladder with a fall arrest system or a powered lift.

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